Eastfield BMX Club

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195 Colchester Rd
About Eastfield BMX Club

Eastfield BMX Club was founded on the 27th November 1980 by David Hall. Our first track was at Norton Park in Croydon and we moved to our current track at 195 Colchester Road Kilsyth in 1991.

Eastfield Bmx Club holds the following – weather permitting
Gate Practice each Tuesday night
Beginners Coaching on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month
Club Meets are also held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month

How do I join Eastfield BMX Club?
Eastfield BMX Club welcomes all boys and girls, and adults, to join up as an Eastfield Member and ride in our race meets.
As long as you can ride a bike without training wheels there is a place for you.

Do I need special equipment?
Any 20 or 24 inch BMX bike will be fine. Mountain bikes (up to 26 inches) are ok for use at club level and at some regional events.

Before you race you need to make sure that your bike is safe. This means removing the following from your bike to ensure the safety of yourself and your fellow riders:
1. Mud and Chain Guards
2. Reflectors, Kick Stands, Carriers and Pegs
3. Make sure your handlebars have no torn grips
4. Make sure that your rear brakes are working
Riders that are not sure if their bike is up to racing standard can get them checked by one of our club volunteers prior to racing.

What do I have to wear?
1. Long Pants – Jeans or track pants are fine
2. Long Sleeve Top – such as a windcheater
3. Shoes – you must wear fully enclosed shoes to protect your feet
4. Socks – socks need to be long enough to cover your ankles
5. Gloves – any gloves that have complete hand and finger protection
6. Full face helmet that covers your ears -bicycle helmets are not acceptable

Eastfield have a limited number of Bikes, Full face helmets and some safety gear available for use to new members.