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About Follow My Ride

“Follow My Ride” is a website that tracks over 1400 km of off road cycling on rail trails through the South West of Western Australia. The majority of the site deals with the Munda Biddi Trail, which is a 1000 km ride from Mundaring, near Perth, to Albany. The site also covers other country rides like the Kep Track, the Denmark Nornalup Heritage Trail, Old Timberline Trail plus several others. There are even a couple of day rides on rail trails close to Perth. The site is based on 12 years experience of riding these trails.

Each ride is presented with an overview of the ride including interesting facts and historical information, interactive online maps, informative YouTube videos and plenty of photos of what you will see. The site also has suggestions on what to take, when to ride, the best type of bike for the rides, what is available along the ride, local flora, fauna and geology and a lot of helpful tips. The related Facebook page is updated regularly with relevant info, pics and video. “Follow My Ride” is an ideal resource for riders wishing to research trails and prepare for their own adventure. Local riders are sure to learn some interesting facts and see photos or video of rides that they most probably didn’t know about, whereas Eastern States and overseas riders will find this site especially useful.