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About Lombardo Corsa

Celebrating 60 years of Bicycles hand-made in Italy, Lombardo Bikes has released its NEW 2012 elite racing brand: Lombardo CORSA. All models signed as Lombardo CORSA represent among the finest masterpieces in racing bicycles, because conceived by master Italian hand-crafters with passion, tradition and love! Lombardo Corsa is therefore the result of a constant devotion and attention to the athlete’s performance and requirements. Lombardo Corsa currently sponsors two teams: 1) the Michela Fanini road team in Italy, which hired elite athletes like former 2003 world champion Regina Schleicher as well as some young Australian talents, and 2) Team Lombardo Corsa MTB, which hires among the best European athletes such as Mirko Farnisi and Claudia Andolina, both at the 2011 MTB Marathon world champion under coaches Hubert Pallhuber and Paola Pezzo…on a superb Lombardo bike!