Welcome Retro Riders... Please Read First

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Welcome Retro Riders... Please Read First

Postby Mulger bill » Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:44 pm

Welcome: The Retro Biking regulars welcome new readers and members to this part of the BNA Forum. The points below are to help you and other members to get the most out of this section of the forum.

Previous threads/search: There are many topics already covered in previous threads. Please use the Forums search engine to see if the topic has previously been discussed. If it has been covered and you want to get further information, please use that thread rather than starting a new one.

If you start a new thread or add to an existing thread, and there is not an immediate reply, don’t think that you are being overlooked. Not everyone logs in daily.

Words and Photos: If you want a question answered or show what you have, please have both words and photos. Both are important.
If it is a question about a frame, look for any frame numbers and give it as well as where it is found on the frame.

Good Photos: Well lit and sharply focused images are needed, so other readers can see what you are discussing. Images need to be hosted online and the image linked with an image tag as explained in this thread. If you have trouble posting Flickr images look here. Images hosted on Facebook don’t work.

Please limit the photos to a max of 800 pixels wide in your post. If you want to show a larger size, you can give a link to the larger image. There are no minimum posts requirements to post images. They are able to be inserted in your first post.

Make it worth reading: Regular Retro members have a wide range of knowledge. The best way of getting them to share that knowledge is by giving the background to the bike, or component, any known history and what your plans are for it.

Valuations: Members are not in a position to put a value on bikes or components. The market (ie ebay or Gumtree or the BNA Marketplace) is the best for that. It really depends on matching the buyers wants, after taking into account location and the condition. If you look like you are trying to get background to prepare an advert, don’t be surprised if there are few responses.

On with the show: Now that these housekeeping matters have been attended to, let us see what you have!

Many thanks to Clydesdale Scot for driving this and providing the bulk of the words.
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