Researching your retro ride and cycling history

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Re: Researching your retro ride and cycling history

Postby Speedy1958 » Thu Apr 14, 2022 10:55 am

Hi there my name is Ben I live in Lithgow NSW 2790 I purchased a speedwell gents popular bicycle a while back from someone in Orange NSW, they found it at the local tip, to the best of my knowledge the kids rode it a bit, then it was hung up in a shed. Since owning it I had new tyres and tubes fitted by oberon bicycle repairs, who also put it back on the road, New original speedwell chain, full service, grease bearings, adjust brakes n 3 spd sturney archer gears. It has a number stamped under the crank which my wife said is (B115139)? 😁 Its a gents speedwell popular, Just asking does anyone know much about it? Thx Ben ps how do I upload a photo please

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Re: Researching your retro ride and cycling history

Postby 80's Rider » Mon Aug 01, 2022 9:52 pm

I have an old Speedwell Popular too.
The forks have been replaced, but I have sourced some that I think are closer to the original type.
I'll post some photos when I have finished it.

Instructions for posting photos are given at:

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