The problem of trucks in urban and suburan streets

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Re: The problem of trucks in urban and suburan streets

Postby brumby33 » Sun Apr 23, 2023 9:32 am

Elantra, the long bonneted trucks are generally referred to as Conventional design and the others are Cab-overs. I've driven both types and do enjoy the comfort of a Conventional design but they're not as manoeuvrable as a Cab-over design due to steering and length of chassis as the conv. design are very much longer from front to rear and cabovers are shorter so for City work, cabovers are much better to control in tighter conditions.

The Kenworth brand of trucks here in Australia are designed and made here and there are many models that are for Australian Conditions only due to the Road train configurations. We are pretty much the only Country now that produce the Cab-over Kenworth and the Yanks are so jealous lol, they haven't had the Cab-over models for years. I've never driven the Cab-over Kenworth but have driven a 1990's version of the SAR which are a Bonnet truck but have a high narrow cab and a down sloping nose for drivers to view the road better unlike the long bonnet W Models that are typical of American designed trucks such as Western Star, Louisville, Peterbuilt, White etc.

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