Di2 shifter compatibility with brake hoses

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Re: Di2 shifter compatibility with brake hoses

Postby CmdrBiggles » Thu Feb 29, 2024 8:36 am

AXS is the functional designation, SRAM's own. eTap is the design of the (integrated brake lever) shifting — which is also present on Shimano's iterations.

I would not have taken the (deep) plunge on a road bike with all-electronic drivetrain if I wasn't getting niggled by the relative antiquity of cable-operated drivetrains; granted, my GT Zaskar rarely gives problems in the drivetrain area, but the now-ancient and not particularly snappy (2013) DEORE XT mechanics shows how very, very far we have come in 10-odd years — SRAM doesn't skip a beat and from others I have spoken to very recently — long-time roadies who have been using it much longer than I have, they say "use it and enjoy with the confidence".

Only caveat is the ensure your battery(ies) have the juice needed for the next ride! I charge mine after every third ride; I get a warning on the app (vibration and camera-flash) when power is low.

I think at the end of the day most of us on these bikes are out there enjoying the ride experience, not particularly debating the merits of Shimano vs SRAM: they are both excellent systems for what they are and do.
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