DIY inner tube patching?

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DIY inner tube patching?

Postby Mububban » Mon Mar 18, 2024 4:41 pm

Does anyone make their own home DIY patches for repairing tubes? I'm wondering if I can cut an old inner tube into patches, and use generic flexible contact cement? Or a specialised rubber cement?

I even saw one guy using superglue and a single layer of normal 80gsm printer paper! He runs 80psi on his BMX, others in the comments section said they've used 100psi successfully.

Note, this would only be done at home so no need for the setup to be portable.
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Re: DIY inner tube patching?

Postby Duck! » Mon Mar 18, 2024 5:53 pm

Inner tubes do not make good patches. The inside surface is covered with some waxy-type stuff to make it unsticky,. and even if you go to the effort of cleaning it off, there is still some residue that prevents it sticking well. If you try sticking them on inside-out, the moulded curvature of the tube has them always wanting to peel off.

I have tried it in the past when I was young & broke, with consistently unsuccessful results.
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