FAQ - posting pictures on the forum

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FAQ - posting pictures on the forum

Postby europa » Thu Dec 06, 2007 3:34 pm

Posting pictures on the forum

1 - Join www.photobucket.com

2 - forget your password there and have to stuff around getting it sent to you (that's optional)

3 - once you are logged in to your 'album', the upload feature is right there in front of you. Upload your image

The album shows up as a series of thumbnails with little boxes next to each one giving the link to that image. Above each thumbnail is a line of options, one of which is 'edit'

4- click on 'edit'

The image loads as a single page. Across the top of the image are a series of options.

5 - click on 'resize'

A series of options drops down.

6 - click on 'message board (640 x 480)

The photo stored on photobucket will now be resized - the photo on your computer is unaffected which is really neat. The system they use doesn't seem to affect the quality of the image either.

Next to the photo are a series of link options

7 - click on the link below 'IMG Code - Forums & Bulletin Boards'

You should see the word 'copied' pop up. That link is now copied and ready for pasting. If it doesn't, right click and copy works too.

8 - Back here, in your reply box, just hit 'paste' and the link appears in the right form to display your image.

Please restrict your images to no larger than 640 x 480. Failing to do so forces the forum window to be wider than the screen on most monitors, thus forcing the reader to scroll across to read the thread. It can make some threads undreadable.

You WILL be asked to resize your image if it is too large, which makes work for the moderators. If you don't resize it after being requested to, the moderator will just convert it to a link for another window.

Images from other websites are often larger than desirable. Avoid using them if possible but when it's not, just put it up and one of the moderators will fix it - we have a work around but it involves a bit of stuffing about which is why we get grumpy if we have to do it unnecessarily.

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