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cycling to school - Austroads

Postby zebee » Thu Mar 28, 2024 4:16 pm

From Austroads email newsletter:

Upcoming Project: Help Austroads develop useful guidance to support safe active travel to school
Austroads is currently developing best practice guidance to support safe active travel to and from school. The guidance is planned for people involved in the management of transport infrastructure and programs that relate to school travel, including road managers, transport planners and engineers.

Austroads is looking for people to help develop useful guidance by sharing their subject-matter experience. This includes:

experience and knowledge of travel to school processes to inform the development of the guide
challenges with the current processes and needs for guidance
contribution to a collective ‘best practice’ on travel to school (evidence-based case studies and project learnings)
sharing resources (such as project evaluation reports) until May 2024
contributing to consultations in May/June and August/September
participating in workshops or interviews.
To get in touch, email the Travel to School Consultant Project Manager, Claire Huggins.

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