Canyon Inflite CF SL 7.0 RACE for commuting?

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Canyon Inflite CF SL 7.0 RACE for commuting?

Postby ardalan.mastoori » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:44 am


I'm thinking of buying Canyon Inflite CF SL 7.0 RACE for commuting as well as recreation and a bit of off-road. I'm a bit worry about the its performance on the road and whether I'd need to pedal really hard to reach the roadie performance. I've been riding a very amateur roadie for commuting purpose and thought Inflite might be a good option. The alloy model to me is a normal bike you can find in every brand but I do like the design of the CF models. Any thoughts? experience?

Would be appreciated it - cheers

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Re: Canyon Inflite CF SL 7.0 RACE for commuting?

Postby nickobec » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:08 pm

Can not comment on the Canyon Inflite CF SL 7, my CX bike is a Kinesis Five T

A CX bike might have a slightly different setup than a roadie, but the main difference is the rolling resistance of the tyres.

I have taken my CX bike on bunch rides and my 40km commute by pumping up my CX tyres to max. The noise the tyres makes on the road when sprinting in 46x11 is interesting and does freak out your fellow riders when you go past.

Swapping out the CX tyres for road tyres and it is a capable as any other bike, the big difference is my CX bike is set up for CX, which is different that my commuter or road bike. So I do not find it as comfortable for long hours in the saddle, I could make changes but then it would be less suitable for CX and off road riding. It is about compromise.

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