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I built my first trike about 12 years ago, building four before coming up with a design that I liked.   The one pictured with my co-pilot was the last I built and I rode it everyday for 10 years.   A few years ago I had to revert back to an MTB due to crook hips, two years ago I was struck down with psoriatic arthritis (an autoimmune disease) and found I could not put any weight on my hands and coan't use them without braces, not long after that I had my hip replaced.   Too late as I had thrown out the trike thinking I'd never get to ride it again - back to the workshop.

I'm currently building another trike, my fifth, this one will feature, Deore components throughout compliments of the MTB I can no longer ride., hydraulic disks up front and probably under seat steering.   I've tacked the frame together, added chain idlers, front deraileur mount and a couple of aly caliper blanks, waiting on hubs at the moment so can't go much further.

The one pictured, was a daily ride for around ten years, never rode too far, only about 25 klm per ride.   My dog Toby loved this trike and was always egging me on to go faster by tapping me on the shoulder and putting his nose in my ear.  Once we were up to speed he would fold his ears back and place his head on my shoulder for a more streamlined ride.   Unfortunately he died of cancer and then we adopted little Dennis, he also loved the trike and put on a turn if I tried to go without him.   Unfortunately, I had a bit of a tumble on the MTB with Dennis on the back, he suffered badly from shock and screamed for a few minutes.   After that I couldn't get him near the trike.   Riding isn't much fun without a co-pilot.

Anyway back to the trike.     Due to the small wheels I had to gear it up a bit, I did this by mounting a modified cassette on the frame just in front of the seat.   All parts were bits and pieces I took from discarded bikes.   Two gears at front, four intermediate ratios and a five speed cassette at the rear.   Later on I made homemade bar end shifters and added a couple of aly wheelchair hubs

Some specs:
Features and specifications
Ackerman steering
Centrepoint steering
Adjustable toe in
Geared steering
Bar end shifters
Side pull brakes
Weight 22kgs
length 1800mm
Width 780mm
Height 600mm
Track 740mm
Wheelbase 980mm
Seat height 150mm
Ground clearance 90mm (Frame) 50-60mm intermediate cassette
Gears 5 rear
2 front
4 intermediate
Wheels 20”
Seat angle 45-40 degrees
Frame 30mm square tube
Chain tensioners x 2 modified rear deraileurs

The one on the bench at the moment is a little longer and wider and has a higher seat height.   I'm using a 700c rear wheel and the seat will once again be a hard back set at 45 degrees.   I prefer hard seat backs because if shaped correctly they are more comfortable and don't play havoc with my crook back.

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Re: Trikes

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Nice projects, well done!
I like the vision of the dog's chin on your shoulder saying "go faster"...

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