The unbearable lightness of carbon

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The unbearable lightness of carbon

Postby zebee » Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:34 am

I've been pretty well exclusively riding the trike lately. Because I'm a lazy beggar and the motor makes life on the trike so easy! Especially up hills.

Also the 2 wheeler needed some work and did I mention I'm lazy? Anyway I finally fixed the bits as needed fixing (well all but the unreliable trigger shifter as I have no idea about that) and hopped on the Encore to go up the street to the shops rather than the trike.

I don't like taking the trike up the main street as it's narrow and congested and just not trike friendly, so I take a longish detour to get over the railway line and park on a side street. But on the Encore I just barrel up the street no worries.

Hop on the 2 wheeler and notice... hard shell seat. Ventsit seat pad slipping, I can't seem to get velcro to stay put on the seat. Seat back way more reclined. And bloody hell this thing is fast! It gets up to trike cruising speed effortlessly. Even with the motor if you aren't using high assist levels getting to 20-25 on the three wheeler is a bit of pushing but the Encore gets there without me noticing.

Up hills it is harder work, obviously. But I'm faster up the slope to the shops on the Encore than I am on the Brompton and it feels like less work. That's not much of a hill though, and I expect when I take it further afield I'll be reaching for the motor throttle and be unreasonably annoyed it isn't there.

When I first bought this I had the interesting experience of discovering the difference from the previous 2 wheeler - low angle hardshell seat, higher pedals, narrower bars, twitchier steering - while riding it home at dusk down (at least it was down not up...) a busy street. It is definitely more focused and hard edged than the trike or the previous Giro. On the other hand it's a blast to ride!

I think I am too lazy these days to ride it to work. But now it's back on the road I'll see if I can overcome the laziness enough to train/bike to work and bike home. And enjoy the feeling of pushing a light fast recumbent.

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Re: The unbearable lightness of carbon

Postby skyblot » Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:35 pm

There's nothing quite like a fast recumbent bike, and carbon steps it up another notch!
Encore's review very well, one day I'd like to try one...
(I have an M5 CHR as my #1 ride)

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