Read before posting stolen bike info

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Read before posting stolen bike info

Postby AUbicycles » Mon Aug 20, 2007 9:03 pm

Here you can post details for bikes that have been stolen.
(I recommend reading this post as well for reporting theft).

Your Post Title

When post please give your post a 'subject' with the following format:
Stolen: Bike name and model - location

For example, I would write:
Stolen: 97' Blue GT Tempest - Paddington, Sydney

Please keep the bike name and model short and sweet, you can post all of the technical details in the post.

What to include in your post

You are probably pretty upset that your bike is pinched... but in order to make it easy for other people to find out the details of your stolen bike I suggest splitting the details from the emotion and use the following format.

Bike Details: (plus photo if available)
Include all information you have about the bike. If you are a brand new member you won't be able to post links or images. Please contact a moderater (PM) and provide them with link details (to where a photo or photos of the bike are... eg flickrr).

When and Where:
Here you can include details about the theft such as time and information that may be useful. As mentioned, you are probably a bit upset however remember when posting that we all know that you are not happy so to closer you can stay to the facts, the easy it is for readers to get the info they need and can thus keep an eye if they notice your bike.

The more details and facts you provide - the more info other people have to possibly notice your bike.

The Next Steps

You want your bike back and the more people who can recognise it the better.
We recommend also listing your bike with Bike Revolution, an international database of stolen bikes.

For more info on tracking down stolen bikes and tips for preventing theft, read this post >>

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Re: Read before posting stolen bike info

Postby fabsandpaul » Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:13 pm

Info on method used to steal our bikes may be useful.
We had a combination lock - recommended by the store we bought the new Merida from. I noted that you recommend a different type.
The apartment garaging had auto closing gates and cctv camera at entrance and one at front of the building looking out to street view (which unfortunately was broken). I thought that was secure but note you recommend carpark/public garaging is not the safest option!
Bikes were chained together through the frames and the bike rack. but probably too much slack.
Thieves - bunch of about 7 or 8 teens involved.
The method was to use the bike or bikes as extra force to tug the combination lock till it came apart. I am not sure how long that takes but the footage showed them in at 16:37 and out at 16:47.

Hope this helps someone else to keep their bike safe!

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Re: Read before posting stolen bike info

Postby gravelrash » Fri Oct 18, 2013 1:42 pm

yes the combo lock just needs tension between the male and female joint, one person pulls hard and the other turns the tumbler. Older well worn ones are easier but I have used this method on new locks. The closest tumbler to the male end is used first, all the Tumblers are under pressure and as you dial through the numbers they find their "numbered groove" and the tumbler will flex right to left when correct. Repeat till all tumblers are free. Will take severe tension on good locks to achieve result. Exactly same process to pick a padlock or any tradition lock. Just like Maths. the more you do the better you get.

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Stolen Trek SL, 58

Postby Craig.gordon » Sun Jul 06, 2014 11:13 pm

My bike was stolen from the basement 45 York St, Richmond.

It's a blue, white size 58 with Ultegra components.

The basement has electric gates. The combination lock was cut with bolt cutters. The bike is in excellent condition and is much missed.

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