Australian Cyclists Uniting and Pushing for Genuine Cycling Safety

The Minimum Passing Distance law was adopted by all Australian states, excluding Victoria and the Northern Territory, to remove the ambiguity and provided clearer rules for motorists. While these changes were welcomed by cycling groups and bike riders, the results have been underwhelming and it is quickly becoming another missed opportunity for genuine change in improve the safety of bike riders on Australia’s roads. As a result of the dissatisfaction it has spurned a wave of activity as cycling groups push state governments and the police to follow through. Kickstarted by David Maywald from  Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club, a petition pushing for […]

bike mudguard

The Mudguard Reinvented : Aussie BUTGARD hits Kickstarter

There a few different options for keeping dry on the bike, there are temporary mudguards, permanent mudguards, rain protective clothing and you can simply stay […]

gst free threshold australia-imports

How will the July 2018 removal of the GST...

On 1. July 2018, Australian shoppers and overseas retailers will face changes as the $1000 GST free threshold on low-value imported goods to Australia is […]

monton sports cycling kit review

Monton Cycle Clothing in Review: The Lycra Tiger returns

A little over 18 months ago, I reviewed some cycling kit from Chinese brand, Monton Sports. I went in with prejudice but was pleasantly surprised […]

australian cycling advocacy sydney

2018 Australian Bicycle Summit in Sydney with Transport for...

The Australian Bicycle Summit is yearly event that combines a few components – all with an underlying drive to improving cycling in Australia. The Australian […]

bike shows suck fahrradschau berlin

Photo Gallery: Berlin Bike Show – The Hottest Cycling...

The Berlin Bike Show (Fahrradschau Berlin) has established itself as a launchpad for new bike products and platform for brands who are offside the mainstream. […]

trent fitzgibbins m20 jet black

Interview: Trent Fitzgibbins of M2O Industries – Australian Compression...

One of the brains behind the successful Australian brand JetBlack is Trent Fitzgibbins and in 2017 he launched a new brand called M2O Industries which […]