champion system cycling review

Are Zipperless Cycling Jerseys the Future? Champion System Tech...

When you look back at photos of road cycling through the ages, it is the cycling kit that delivers the most information. You can usually identify the team and era from the jersey alone before getting a flood of memories of watching or reading about classic cycling battles. From the chequered Peugeot jersey worn by Australian pioneering cyclist Phil Anderson to the flaymboyant skinsuits worn by Mario Cipollini and even the Team BMC jersey which Cadel Evans wore when he won the Tour de France. While a jersey has to be functional and has to represent a team and sponsors, […]

Head-turner: knog PWR Commuter Bike Light in Review

My perfect bike light could be different to your perfect bike light. Mine is a rechargeable light that is easy and fast to mount on […]

ravman bike light review

Ravemen CR900 and PR1200 Bike Lights in Review

When autumn arrives and daylight savings ends, a young person’s fancy turns to lights. And not just the youngsters, but everyone serious about commuting or […]

cycling kit review

Lighten Up: dhb Aeron LAB Ultralight Cycling Kit in...

You know the classic line, “It’s not you, it’s me”? It is quite telling when describing my relationship with new dhb Aeron ultralight kit and […]

Smoove Lube – chain lube to outlast them all?

“Can you recommend me a chain lube?” is a question that I hear asked often. The replies can be passionate, “This is the best lube that […]

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Review: SwissSide Hadron Classic 485 Aerowheels – More Performance...

If you want performance in a wheelset, do you go for the lightest wheels, the most aerodynamic wheels… or the cheapest wheels? The verdict is […]

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Are You Ready to Fly? Indepth review of Cycliq’s...

The release of the new front and rear Fly12CE and Fly6CE bikes cameras by Cycliq at the end of 2017 signalled a substantial change to […]