zilfer stylish phone wallet cycling

Review: The Elegant and Practical Zilfer Phone Wallet is...

Picture this, you arrive at the cafe with your cycling buddies after a nice ride and park your shiny bikes outside. It’s your shout for coffee and to pay, you reach into your jersey pocket and fish out a crumpled ziplock bag and extract the crumpled notes and loose coins. Because you are decked out in your flash cycling gear and everything else about you oozes performance, this is not a good look. Carry cash and essentials tends to be an afterthought or inconvenience for many cyclists but a new Australian brand has released their first product that can change […]

f3 formmount review

Review: F3 FormMount the versatile mount for bike computers,...

The range and variety of mounts for bike computers, lights and cameras is bewildering. Once you think that you finally have an overview, you then […]

kask helmet review

KASK Valegro Helmet and KOO Open Cube Cycling Sunglasses...

Australia is privileged in the world of pro-cycling because the dry summer heat of January marks the start of the international racing season with the […]

waterproof cycling shoes

The QUOC Gran Tourer Cycling Shoes for Bike Touring...

When QUOC launched their gorgeous Night lace-up road cycling shoes, the UK brand was like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, they had evolved. Now […]

palomar nello lucetta

Reinventing Bicycle Bells and Lights with the Palomar Lucetta...

The unusual Lucetta bike lights and Nello bicycle bell will tickle the fancy of kids and riders who love a dash of style. Palomar are […]

flaer dispenser

Automatic Lubrication: Flaer Revo Via Chain Performance Review

Cycling can be a bit of an arms-race, have YOU got the right equipment… have YOU got the best equipment? 10 grams here, 5 watts […]

garmin edge 1030 review

Review: Garmin Edge 1030 – The Fully Featured GPS...

It’s the successor to the popular Garmin Edge 1000, the 1030 arrives with a host of new features, a much larger screen, a longer battery […]