Autonomous cars? I think not

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Re: Autonomous cars? I think not

Postby Thoglette » Mon Feb 12, 2024 3:17 pm

A bit early to declare the start of the Butlerian Jihad however Reuters reports: Waymo driverless taxi set alight by crowding San Fran
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Re: Autonomous cars? I think not

Postby redsonic » Mon Feb 12, 2024 9:21 pm

Following some links in Thoglette's article above, two collisions come to light that may have contributed to anger against Waymo:

Pedestrian dragged for 12m as car fails to recognise them trapped
The report itself made clear a human would have done better.
"After the AV contacted the pedestrian, an alert and attentive human driver would be aware that an impact of some sort had occurred and would not have continued driving without further investigating the situation," Exponent said.

Cyclist obscured by a truck turns across robotaxi's path
This one looks like a situation where many human drivers would also have hit the cyclist.

Of course, the crowd in Thoglette's article may not have cared about the cyclist and pedestrian and just enjoyed an opportunity to destroy a Jaguar.

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Re: Autonomous cars? I think not

Postby zebee » Tue Feb 13, 2024 3:49 pm

The things I've seen about both those are interesting. The dragged one seems to be that the car stopped and then moved itself to the side of the road, taking the ped with it. A human driver probably wouldn't, but a mate of mine was dragged motorcycle and all for some metres while dopey driver processed it.

The cyclist hidden by truck is trickier. It was a 4 way stop meaning the cyclist should have stopped when they got to the stop line and if they had done so they would not have been hidden. On the other hand, the driverless car should not have proceeded into a spot it couldn't see.

Those 4 way stops are common in the US in places we'd put roundabouts. There's one in Belmore that I cross 3 or 4 times a week and there's always someone who is confused by it. And not often but often enough to be careful about, someone who does what the cyclist did and just rams through behind another car.

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