Azure Halo 750 front bike light

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Azure Halo 750 front bike light

Postby Narks » Tue Mar 26, 2024 4:49 pm

Just purchased this light online. It has various fixed and flashing modes, not a bad beam but not that well shaped.

I'm overall happy with this except one thing - battery life. After my first few charging/usage cycles, I was surprised how quickly the battery died. I did some tests - I'm only getting about half the run time on every mode compared with what is advertised for this light,

eg 16 hours on Eco beam vs stated 30 hours advertised
5 hours 10 min on medium beam vs 10 hours advertised

Has anybody else had the same issue with this light? I've been offered a refund (still waiting for this to be processed after 2 weeks!) I'd like to know if I have a faulty unit, or are the advertised specs a little exaggerated?

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