About Bicycles Network Australia

Bicycles Network Australia was launched in 1999 as a free online information resource for Australian cyclists. Known as BNA, the site hosts the popular cycling forum with over 33,000 members and publishes cycling news, articles and reviews.

Reviews and Articles
News content published on Bicycles Network Australia is original and independent (paid content is not accepted).

Review Team Christopher Jones (editor / reviewer)
Michael Bachmann (reviewer)
James Hutchison (reviewer)

Australian Cycling Forums
The Australian Cycling Forums are operated specifically to serve the interests of the cycling community and a dedicated team of moderators ensure that the discussion forum remains spam-free and runs smoothly so that it is welcoming, positive and informative.

Moderator Team AuBicycles, mikesbytes, Mulger bill,  Boognoss, im_no_pro, find_bruce, Kalgrm, Kev365428, m@, thomashouseman.

Australian Cycling Directory
The comprehensive cycling directory was retired in 2022 after 23 years in service providing up-to-date information for Australian and New Zealand bicycle shops, mobile repair, bike hire, cycling clubs, bicycle user groups, associations and organisations, cycle coaching and professional services, importers and and distributers and international bike brands and cycle tours.

Christopher Jones of Bicycles Network Australia
Christopher Jones with cycling legend, Jens Voigt

Who is behind BNA? Bicycles Network Australia was launched in 1999 by Christopher Jones, a designer by trade. In addition to the articles and reviews on BNA, he has published two Australian Cycling Industry Trade Reports, the E-Bike Buyers Guide and cycling content for other press outlets.

Currently Christopher works on communication and press for a leading sports performance brand.