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The Bicycles Network Australia team of passionate cyclists and industry professionals can review products / services / events.

Reviews give your business / organisation long-term exposure to Australian cyclists (250,000 monthly). Our reviews are high quality and honest – they provide cyclists with real information to help them decide if it is right for them.

There is no fee for reviews (although we will chose whether we want to review).

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Bicycle Cycling Reviews

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Here is a small selection of reviews that have previously featured on

Cell Bikes : Akuna 1.1
Swiss Side : Hadron Wheelset
Magellan : Cyclo 505 GPS Computer
Knog : Arc 5.5 Bike Light
Oakley : Racing Jacket
Shimano : Click’R Pedals
Sony : Action Cam
Henty : Wingman Backpack
Conquest : Performance Cycling Wear
Pro-Lite : Bracciano A27 Wheelset
Stage : Power Metre (First Look)
Fly 6 Safety Camera