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The QUOC Gran Tourer Cycling Shoes for Bike Touring and Gravel Grinding

When QUOC launched their gorgeous Night lace-up road cycling shoes, the UK brand was like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, they had evolved. Now QUOC are starting to unfurl their wings and take flight with the launch of their new Gran Tourer Gravel shoes which deliver adventure and functionality with style. The thing about QUOC is that the brand has always been about premium and functional cycling shoes, but now they are moving beyond the classic elegance and venturing into new territory, this began with the Night road shoes and is continuing with the new Gran Tourer gravel shoes. […]

Australian Cyclevision Helmet with Front + Rear Video Capture

Australian and international statistics* reveal that in bike and car collisions, the driver is at fault in a majority of cases. Even though a bicycle rider will always come off […]

mhl helmet option freestyle cyclists

Protest Bike Rides across Australia increases momentum against Mandatory Helmet Laws

Unless you have been hiding under a rock… or under your bike helmet, you have probably noticed that there is increasing opposition to the Mandatory Helmet Laws (MHL) which are […]

palomar nello lucetta

Reinventing Bicycle Bells and Lights with the Palomar Lucetta and Nello

The unusual Lucetta bike lights and Nello bicycle bell will tickle the fancy of kids and riders who love a dash of style. Palomar are an interesting brand originating from […]


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