swissside hadron review

Review: SwissSide Hadron Classic 485 Aerowheels – More Performance for Everyday Cyclists

If you want performance in a wheelset, do you go for the lightest wheels, the most aerodynamic wheels… or the cheapest wheels? The verdict is ‘aero’ because it delivers the biggest performance gains and I am just joking about choosing the cheapest. But you don’t have to break the bank either because performance wheels can be more accessible than you expect. SwissSide position their aerodynamic cycling wheels right at the top of the ladder… beyond Zipp, Enve and Mavics. This young Swiss brand is gaining traction among elite level triathletes and their new range of Hadron wheelsets serves both elite athletes […]

cycliq fly6 fly12

Are You Ready to Fly? Indepth review of Cycliq’s Fly12CE and Fly6CE Integrated Bike Camera Lights

The release of the new front and rear Fly12CE and Fly6CE bikes cameras by Cycliq at the end of 2017 signalled a substantial change to almost everything about the young […]

gst free threshold australia-imports

How will the July 2018 removal of the GST free threshold affect Australian Cyclists, Bike Shops...

On 1. July 2018, Australian shoppers and overseas retailers will face changes as the $1000 GST free threshold on low-value imported goods to Australia is being removed. Overseas retailers who […]

monton sports cycling kit review

Monton Cycle Clothing in Review: The Lycra Tiger returns

A little over 18 months ago, I reviewed some cycling kit from Chinese brand, Monton Sports. I went in with prejudice but was pleasantly surprised on the quality of their […]


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