The Australian Online Cycling Marketplace Report

The Australian Cycling Market Trade Report has 78 pages with detailed analysis of consumer riding and buying behaviour.

Titled ‘The Ultimate Guide’, the trade publication is for bike shops, wholesalers, distributers and brands seeking to enter the Australian retail market, the last edition collated 775 qualified survey responses to document preferences, expectations and trends of Australian cyclists. It included detailed cycling market data and statistics.

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The Australian Online Marketplace Report is the ONLY trade report available that delivers statistics, analysis and insights into Australian cyclists detailing how much they spend and where and what they buy as well as what influences them to purchase. The 75 page bike industry trade report includes comprehensive insights along with the complete survey results to provide a competitive advantage to businesses operating in the Australian cycling market.

Past Edition

15,000 copies of the 2010 edition report of the Australian Cycling Market Trade Report were requested / delivered to individuals and to bike shops, cycling wholesalers and distributers and bicycle brands. The 2013 edition only available as a licensed purchase, please enquire:

Alternatives / More Australian Cycling Data and Statistics

Australia is a comparatively small market and distributers and brands do no share data. Officially the number of Adult bicycles and children’s bicycle imports are recorded though the type of bike is not distinguished. The trade organisation for Australia is Bicycle Industries Australia and some bike shops and distributers are members. They can provide import statistics though future detailed statistics is not formally recorded.

IBIS Reports also release some data on the Australian cycling market ($995). This is compact and general with estimates on total sales volume and broader trends though without details such on bike and market segmentation.

Further data and statistic is only available by conducting market research. Care should be taken with this as the cycling participation rates in Australia are comparatively low so when a market research agency interviews 100 people (for example), only a small percentage could be active bike riders or part of your target audience.

Authors / Researchers
Christopher Jones
David Halfpenny


BNA’s ‘Online Cycling Marketplace Report’ has used a wide lens to capture the overall effect of e-commerce on Australia’s cycling industry, whilst not forgetting to drill down into the details. This comprehensive and well-researched report fills an important information gap which all industry stakeholders can benefit from.

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Managing Director
Asia-Pacific & Middle East at POC
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