Unsubscribe Instructions

If you prefer not to receive forum emails, go to Board Preferences inside the User Control Panel and select “No” for the option ‘Administrators can e-mail me information’.

You will then no longer receive any ‘forum news’ administrator emails.
‘Topic Notifications’ and ‘Private Message’ notifications are separate and can be managed in your preferences.

Having problems?

For members who have been inactive recently… or even forgotten that they were a member… this email is not unsolicited and is only sent to people who have registered on the forum.

However, if you have forgotten your member name and/or don’t intend to take part in the Australian Cycling Forum, you can email with a short note to ask that your member account be removed: info@bicycles.net.au
(please include your member name if known)

Be rest assured, our continuing policy is that member information is not sold or shared. If you choose to turn off administrator emails from the forum or request that your member account is deleted, this will be respected.