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Bicycle Powered Earth Hour Concert

The Earth Hour concert will take place on Saturday March 28th. As a unique twist highlighting global energy and environmental issues – FutureSpark (the initiative of ideas*) is running competition to generate enough power by bikes and solar energy to run the concert.

To generate enough power, pedalling will begin a week prior to the start – energy is pumped into the power grid and then this ‘credit’ will be used during the concert. For maximum community awareness and participation this has been established as a competition where a team can book 4 bicycles for 45 minutes. Teams of up to 10 people have the chance to try and generated the most power they can. The top four teams will be invited to the “power off” during the concert.

To make this all possible, a trailer with 16 bike-generators, and solar panels on the roof is being built. It will be situated near the stage in Fed Square all week Monday to Saturday from around 7am to 8 pm

Future Spark have already given thought to team riding strategies.

We are recommending teams of around 10 people.  When you are peddling hard you start to drop off after around 5 minutes, so it is probably better to keep swapping and resting. Teams will have to sort out their own strategies.

Each rider will have feedback of how much power they are generating personally. and the total power for the team will be displayed in real time, and then the total posted on a ladder on the web.

A virtual “energy tank” will display the growing credit during the week, and then the level as it is used by the concert.

The concert on Saturday night 28th will be a free 3hr concert in Fed Square and is presented in cooperation with TripleM and WWF. The bands performing on the night are still to be confirmed.

Registration and Information

There are team categories for School teams, Community Teams and Corporate Teams. The entry fee for corporate teams is $750 per team plus GST.

The Future Spark website and Blog has current information as well as registration forms:

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