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Cane Creek AER Super lightweight Headset

Press Release: AER headsets will be available in Traditional, Integrated (IS), and Zero-Stack (ZS) versions to fit all modern headset configurations.  All models utilize Cane Creek’s core threadless headset technologies and incorporate the new composite bearing to deliver the new benchmark in lightweight headsets. The AER is designed specifically for road cyclists dedicated to lightweight equipment and represents the ultimate upgrade for riders with an eye on weight.  The Norglide composite materail is said to be cheap to replace when and if needed and is very resistant to contamination from dirt and water.
“Based on our research, road riders looking to reduce weight are willing to pay upwards of $10 per gram saved on lightweight components,” says Peter Gilbert, Cane Creek’s vice president of sales. “At a cost per gram saved of $2.36, the AER headset is the most cost-effective weight-focused upgrade available on the market.”
AER headsets are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum alongside the 110 line of headsets.  And will retail for a very well priced $175 AU.

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