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Eurobike 2009 expecting 1000 exhibitors

Eurobike has announced that 900 exhibitors are booked in and 1000 are expected when the show kicks off in September 2009. The host of Eurobike, Expo Friedrichshafen, on Lake Constance in Southern Germany isn’t hoping to acheive this record number, rather 1000 exhibitors is a safe bet.

There is more demand than places available for exhibitors and smaller cycling companies really have to work hard for a place. Some have luck when they are invited as part of a theme area or get place as a small stand in the large courtyard area between the halls.

A limiting factor that prevents Eurobike being a free for all over the years has always been the available space. While the halls are massive, Eurobike has become such an important show for dealers across the globe and the expo organiser is barely keeping up building new halls.

This has certainly helped to maintain a certain quality of exhibitors though also leaves other exhibitions grounds in Germany asking whether they can also set up an international bike show as is the case with the brand new Bike Expo in Munich during July. This expo does deal with a specific market segment – E bikes and city / treking bikes though is not closing the doors to other segments. The European Handmade bicycle show to be held in May in Stuttgart caters for exhibitors in which Eurobike may be too big and too expensive.

Eurobike 2009 Preview

Bike Route for Eurobike
A gag this year from the Eurobike organisers is a bike route from the main train station to the expo grounds. The reality is that many of the hotels are already booked out months in advance so visitors usually travel daily distances up to and over 50km one way so travel by car or public transport will still be the number 1 option.

If the trend continues, most of the new announcements for 2010 will be made well before Eurobike starts with the focus of the showing being the first chance for most dealers to get a look at the new products. With increasing financial pressure on the bicycle brands as consumer spends slows, the fight is on to provide customers with the most exciting and best value products.

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