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Barloworld Study Stage 12 at the Giro

The stage 12 individual time trial will be one of the key stages in this year’s centenary Giro d’Italia and Mauricio Soler and Chris Froome from Barloworld rode the stage 12 individual time trial on Monday.

The two rode the testing 61.7km course from Sestri Levante to Riomaggiore carefully noting every detail along the way.

They were followed by directeur sportifs Alberto Volpi and Valerio Tebaldi and tested different Bianchi bikes , aero bar and wheel combinations to find the perfect set up for the stage so that they can ride as fast and as safely as possible.

The riders paid sattention to the descents of the Passo del Bracco and the Passo del Termine . Both are very technical, with numerous sharp and narrow corners.

Barloworld studied the course using a micro video camera positioned in the team car, the Team Barloworld staff was able to record the whole route so it can be studied in further detail and shown to the other rides in the Giro d’Italia team.

"It’s a tough time trial. The road climbs right from the start and there isn’t many moments where you can recover." Soler said.

Froome agreed: "Rather than a time trial, it’s like a stage. It’ll be very important to judge your effort right from the start and eat and drink enough."

Alberto Volpi said: "The riders should consider the stage more like a long breakaway rather than a time trial. They’re going to have to stay focused and judge their effort very carefully."

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