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Giro di Toscana test for Lampre

Lampre confirmed that the Giro di Toscana will be the last race for the team before the Giro d’Italia. A full squad is expcted at the Giro di Toscana including  Righi, Tomei, Manuele and Massimiliano Mori, Da Dalto, Furlan, Gavazzi and Santambrogio.

"Our team for such exciting appointment is ready for all kind of race will be performed – Fabrizio Bontempi explained – For some of our athletes this will be the last test before Giro d’Italia, so they’ll give their best. In addition, Ballan will be with us in order to be the starter of the race: he’s just received news that he can begin to train in view of a come back to races, but it’s not possible to tell when there will be his debut".

website: Giro di Toscana

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