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Looking like a Le Tour Cycling Pro

If your team hasn’t been invited to this years Tour de France, that shouldn’t stop you from feeling like a pro. Here are a few essentials for your racing kit to make you at least look like a pro rider.

Elite Ciussi Gel Alloy Bottle Cages, 74mm

Elite Ciussi Gel Alloy Bottle CagesAn evolution of the world’s most famous bottle cage! Elegant and functional, these cages are constructed with lightweight Silicone Aluminum alloy. The anti-vibration lateral buttons with gel inserts hold your bottle tightly without marking it up. These cages are available in five cool colors: Black, Blue, Red, Silver, and Yellow. MSRP: US$17.50.

Limar Speed Demon Race Helmets

Limar Speed Demon Race HelmetsThis helmet was developed through a series of studies to provide the most efficient aerodynamics available. Its flexible ear coverage reduces wind resistance. The Super System 2 sizing ensures fast and easy adjustments. This helmet includes 15 air vents, Cool Comfort pads, and innovative In-Mould technology. Its large size (54 to 61 centimeters, approximately 21 to 25 inches) comfortably fits most riders. The Speed Demon is lightweight (345 grams) and available in three sleek colors: Carbon, Silver, and White. MSRP: US$199.99.

Retro Mirror Sprintech Mirrors

Retro Mirror Sprintech MirrorsCycling safety and durability in one package! These stylish rearview mirrors work with all road bike handlebars. Simply remove the cap from the end of the handlebar, insert a connector, attach the mirror, and adjust it as desired. You?re ready to ride! You?ll be able to see the traffic behind you without having to look back over your shoulder, and you?ll expand your visual field without having to shift your head or body. These rearview mirrors are as reliable as a car?s, and far lighter ? only 19 grams each! The mirrors are sold individually, and as a pair for added value and security. There?s even a color to match your ride: Black, Blue, Red, White, and Yellow. MSRP: $24.99 for a single mirror and US$34.99 for a pair.

Selle Italia Team Edition Saddles

Selle Italia Team Edition SaddlesAre you tough enough to ride the same saddles as the Tour de France champions? If so, selecting one of these five top-grade saddles is your next challenge?These saddles are the originals used by professional cyclists and mountain bikers everywhere, with slightly stiffer saddle bases and Perfect Fit self-modeling padding that?s ideal for long-distance rides. The waterproof microfiber Lorica covers are durable and abrasion-resistant, and the shells are constructed from Carbon composites. The Selle Italia Thoork Team Edition Saddle weighs 140 grams, and its high-tech Carbon rail is the lightest on the market, manufactured using an innovative process that produces stronger and more impact-resistant rails. MSRP: $246.99. The Selle Italia SLR Team Edition Saddle weighs 150 grams and also features the incredibly lightweight Carbon rail for maximum strength. MSRP: $232.99.

The Selle Italia Flite Team Edition Saddle weighs 200 grams, and has the new Ti 316 Tube rail, which provides increased shearing and durability thanks to its oval section and wall thickness. The elastomer suspension shock absorber system between the shell and the rail eliminates road shocks and vibrations. MSRP: $193.99. The Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow Team Edition Saddle weighs 225 grams and has the high-strength Vanox Tube rail. The inserts in silicone gel have differentiated thickness around the cutout. MSRP: $201.99. The Selle Italia Max Flite Team Edition Saddle weighs 290 grams and also has the extremely light Vanox Tube rail. Its inserts in silicone gel have differentiated thickness around the cutout. The elastomer suspension shock absorber system between the shell and the rail eliminates road shocks and vibrations. MSRP: US$189.99.

All of these products are available from your local bicycle shop or online, for example from ProNet Cycling in the United States, for the prices listed above: www.pronetcycling.com

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