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NiteRider is Getting Brighter

Niterider have released details on their new top of the line LED light system the Pro 600 and Pro 1200. As you can guess The Pro 600 will put out 600 lumens from a 85-gram lamp head and the Pro 1200 will out out a massive 1200 lumens.

Mike Ely, sales manager for NiteRider has said "We’re concentrating on the high end this year."

Niterider are also developing a software package to allow users to customize their light setup for output, run time, high/low modes, and flashing mode (including flash pattern).

The battery pack is attached to the bike through a new quick release system and a receiver tray and the battery pack docks on the receiver tray. Both lights will have a digital battery life indiciator, the battery pack itself consists of 4, 6, or 8 cell battery pack.

Both will be available in mid-to-late July.

website: www.niterider.com
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Article Edited 04.05.2009

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