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Tadej Valjavec Giro Diaries – Stage 10

Tadej Valjavec Giro Diaries – Stage 10

It was very hard, very warm, very long and very fast!

In the last climb I was with leaders but I let go on the middle and I crossed the pass with 15 seconds of delay with Bruseghin and Scarponi. I lost some time on descent. I had some problems in the braking and I was never able to come back in the descent. I’m not satisfied because normally I’m good in way of going down.

Tomorrow, I hope a breakaway will go to win as it, I can hope the bunch will be more quiet and less fast!

Once again, the end of stage will be dangerous with an arrival at the bottom of a descent.  Roads taken on Giro d’Italia are often narrow and sinuous on some stages but this year it’s really special because there’s some danger every day.

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Photos ? Presse Sport L’Equipe (S.Mantey & B. Papon)

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