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Velo-City 2009 gears up in Brussels

The official program for Velo-City 2009 kicks off on May 12 and runs over three days as the worlds biggest conference dealing with cycling infrastructure and planning for cycle friendly cities. The advantages of cycling in cities are undeniable however the reality of improving cycling facilities, acceptance and viability is a different story. 

Velo-City is now a regular event on the cycling calender with a different host city every two years. Brussels is looking to improve on the Munich 2007 event and present an extensive program to cover every aspect of cycling development in cities.

Seminars cover topics such as:
– Cycling to School and Work
– Pro-Cycling legislation
– Parking Policy
– Becoming a Cycling City
– Bicycles on Public Transport
– Lifelong Cycling (during the lifetime)
– Marketing Campaigns (for tourism and advocacy)
– Cycling Safety / Bicyle Theft
– Health and Air Quality

Velo-City is largely European aim however is a pool of knowledge that will help younger cycling cities. A key aim of the conference is signing of the Brussels Charter on the final days in which key European cities commit to investing in cycling in their cities so that cycling becomes an integrated and integral part of city transportation. At the same it is meant as a sign for the European Union that they should more seriously consider and promote urban cycling.

On the side, the conference will also act as a festival celebrating cycling with various supporting events such as tours and parties.

Australian associations, organisations, advocacy groups and BUGs have a chance to benefit from the information and discussions presented at Velo-City 2009, the detailed website has a host of information: www.velo-city2009.com

Christopher Jones
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