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Contador to Race Spanish TT Championships

Contador has decide to take the start in the Spanish Championship because in his opinion, These championships are not valued like they deserved and I also wanted to contribute with my support. This aspect  has counted in my decision with the fact that I need training on the  new bicycle to adapt as best as possible. This time trial, thanks to  its distance, can be a simulation of that of the Tour de France and it  will be fine to finish my preparation."

Alberto says his aim in taking part in the Nationals is " to do a last training of competition on the time trial bicycle, because this year I am investing a lot of time in this speciality. As for the result, I am conscious that I will meet riders that are more specialitists than I am and already know what it is to win on this course."

The distance of the time trail will be one of the decisive factors and Alberto Contador knows it. "It is probably excessively long for me, but at the end what is necessary is to train in the distances that are not yours. It is the only way of improving."

As for the Tour of France, Contador is satisfied with the first selection of riders that has made Team Astana, in which he appears together with Armstrong, Leipheimer, Kl?den, Popovich and Zubeldia.  These first six, we are all riders that go very strong in mountains," he affirms. "With them I’m confident will be with me two of my  right-hand men, Benjamin Noval and Sergio Paulinho. They are vital to  overcome with success the flat and half mountain stages, to come as  fresh as possible to high mountain key stages. Like this I hope we are  going to make a very successful and very powerful team," he concluded.

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