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Elite Time Trial Kit: The Fast Water Bottle

Elite’s have created their ‘Time Trial Kit’ water bottle and holder with an eye on aerodynamics and weight. The bottle and cage kit was featured on the bicycles of Mark Cavendish and his Team Columbia at last month’s Giro d’Italia.

Elite, say that in a race against the clock, it’s not enough to be strong. To be the fastest, you need the right bicycle equipment and accessories, especially during time trials, when every second is important. There water bottle is a contribution to this strategy.

The Time Trial Kit was developed by Elite’s engineering staff using the same wind-tunnel testing techniques employed by Formula One and Moto GP racing professionals. These tests demonstrated that, compared with using a standard water bottle in a 40-kilometer race, Elite’s Time Trial Kit claims to shave up to 28 seconds off a cyclist’s total time!

The kit’s aerodynamically-designed, plastic squeeze bottle features a rubber nozzle and is easy to extract from its carbon-fiber, self-adjusting bottle cage. The captivating design of this 80-gram kit follows the lines of a bicycle frame, helping to minimize air impact. A close competior, the Arundel Chrono Carbon Fiber Water Bottle and Cage Combo weighs 122 grams

The Time Trial Kit offers to give your the best combination hydration and speed. Italian Elite products are imported to Australia by Cassons

BMC Carbon Fibre Water Bottle

BMC Carbon Fibre Water Bottle

Speaking of aerodynamic water bottles, on the BMC TT01 bikes, these complete carbon fibre water bottles appeared for a while back, limited to pro cyclists. They didn’t however make it to serial production. You could imagine the spectator scramble when a riders throws one of these off to the side of the road. Currently BMC Racing seem to favour the Elite Hydra.

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