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LeMond doubts that Le Tour will be doping free

Greg LeMond has made it clear at a recent "Play the Game" conference that he has doubts that the Tour De France winner will see a clear winner take the podium.

In recent years, LeMond, who won the Tour de France in 1986, 1989 and 1990, has become the sport’s highest-profile doping critic. He has publicly rebuked Lance Armstrong and his association with Dr Ferrari.

Lemond also criticized the International Cycling Union (UCI), which, he said, operated a policy of "punishing honesty and rewarding dishonesty" when it came to dope cheats. He advocated an independent drug testing agency, separate from the UCI, to test riders competing in the Tour de France.

He stated that he had little sympathy for "those who refuse to admit to their guilt, despite mounting evidence".

"I know the sport, and I doubt that there is anyone who has wrongly tested positive when they are negative" he said. "There could be, but I doubt it. Standards must be really high to ensure that athletes are not wrongly accused".

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