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Cadel Evans Talks about Stage 13

The whole day raining, with high wind, and 15 degrees colder than over the last two weeks. An awful day. Nobody was expecting such a sudden change of weather.

I overheard Armstrong telling a team mate that he had never met such a rotten weather at the Tour. I can confirm that. Normally, I have no problem with cold and rain, but today, my legs did not appreciate. This was so much different from what we expected.

The weather is one of the reasons why Astana was not attacked, but also their overwhelming capacity to react. One must accept this evidence. Not to be pulled down. I confirm my opinion that never was such a strong team in the Tour.

Three men who were on the podium in Paris.., no other has so much talent and experience. ” After Leipheimer retirement, there are still two left.

One man less does not make them less strong. With the experience ant talent for organisation of Bruyneel and Lance, plus their enormous budget, they can beat all other contenders for the classifications.

But the impossible can sometimes happen…And I shall therefore attack in the Alps as much as my strengths will help me.”

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