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Lampre-NGC Riding the new Wilier Cento1 Superleggera

Andrea Gastaldello from Wilier describes the characteristics of the Wilier Cento1 Superleggera.

"Identical to the Cento1 in form and technical characteristics, we have utilized the potential of carbon materials to reduce the weight of the Cento1 Superlight while ensuring the ride quality, efficiency and durability of a bike capable of taking both gold and silver medals at the World Championships.The Cento1 Superlight was ProTour tested by Team Lampre in 2009. It is constructed primarily of 46 Ton carbon fiber, while benefitting from the strategic implementation of its even stiffer cousin, Mitsubishi 60 Ton. Its unique and innovative carbon layup also makes it more impact-resistant than other ultra-lightweight materials, and we’ve even come up with a lighter, more svelte aluminum sleeve which is molded into the monocoque construction during the final carbon curing process. Research led us beyond materials all the way to paint. The final protective layer on a Cento1 Superlight is a specially formulated paint that provides the same elegant beauty that typifies Wilier Triestina bikes while reducing weight.The result is all the performance you expect from a Cento1 – minus 130 grams!"

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