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Rasmussen could be competing again soon

Danish rider Michael Rasmussen who was suspended for two years wants to return to racing and appeals with CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport).

While he has not served his full term, and the UCI is opposed, they wont stand in his way if CAS accept his appeal and allow him to race. Rasmussen signed the "Riders’ commitment to a new cycling" which means that in the case of another doping offence he is liable to pay an amount equal to his yearly salary. 

Vinokourov successfully appealed as the position of CAS is to permit cyclists who sign the "Riders’ commitment to a new cycling" pledge to race as they are obliged to honor their committment. The UCI will accept the decision of CAS however "rejects the attitude displayed by Messrs Vinokourov and Rasmussen; despite committing serious violations of the anti-doping rules they have rejected any form of reparation by refusing to contribute to the costs of anti-doping procedures."

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