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Silence-Lotto reactions after the TTT

The Silence Lotto team knew the TTT was to be a difficult stage, everyone at the Silence-Lotto knew if for weeks. After the morning reconnaissance, every one knew that it was to be dangerous.

"Avoiding damages and bringing everyone safely to the finish" hoped Marc Sergeant. The course and the end of the race brought the journalists to the team’s coach.

"I rode quite well, but this was not enough to clock a good time. Riding nearly the whole way without Jurgen was a hard blow. Particularly against the wind in the finale, we needed strengths failed us.

This course was not suitable for a team time trial. In several curves, one had to slow down to avoid finishing on the tarmac. Conclusions will be made tonight after a quite study of the classification." said Cadel.

Much was expected from Jurgen. But when after crashing, he had to stop and change his bike, the others were far away. "It does not help wishing better that one gets. But nobody can accept easily so much bad luck."

After Vansummeren’s puncture, the other riders had to await him, finishing the ride with six man was much too risky.

"When I see how good our second part was even in absence of Van den Broeck, I can but regret this bad luck". Sergeant explained.

A highly disappointed Jurgen Van den Broeck disappeared in the depths of the team’s coach. After a shower, he explained his unlucky day to the media.

"Time trialling is my thing; I wanted to make a good show. And then, such a rotten luck. On the tarmac after a few kilometres, and then having to change bike.

It is not only bad, it is very bad."

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