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Matt Wilson – Tour of Ireland Diary (1)

Matt Wilson, the 2004 Australian national road champion, is competing in the Tour of Ireland and filing exclusive daily diaries from the race for Bicycles Network Australia. As the captain of Team Type 1, Wilson is one of seven riders on the team that has a mission to raise awareness about diabetes and inspire those affected by the diabetes.

Bray, Ireland – Today was mostly getting over the flight from America, which was long and arduous. But I went for a ride ands stretched the legs, got the blood pumping and then I got a massage.

We’re all excited about this race. The team’s feeling good and motivated and hopefully everyone’s feeling well.

For me, I’m hoping to go very well here. Obviously, I did well last year. I think I have good form again. I think the race will be shut down because of the bigger teams here. But I’m going to take any opportunity that’s thrown at me. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t come away with a stage win or a top five place overall. But with the teams here, it’s likely to be three bunch sprints. So it’s going to be difficult.

This race got a huge amount of media coverage last year. And this year Lance Armstrong is here. Any race with Lance is always crazy – and always times 10 whatever it was going to be. I did the Tour Down Under in January with him and it felt like every person in Australia was there.

I look forward to being able to give you some insight into the race in the coming days.

editor note: yes, this is an amusing photo – Matt has just taken a gulp from his water bottle.

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