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Jens Voigt contract with Saxo Bank extended

The horrific crash during this year’s edition of the Tour de France made no permanent damage on Jens Voigt’s good health. The German is with his sense of optimism along with his everlasting stamina a constant inspiration for the staff and riders on Team Saxo Bank. That’s why it is no surprise that team owner Bjarne Riis has offered the Berliner another one-year-contract.

“It’s a pleasure to sign the contract for another year with Jens. He has a magnificent important role to play on our team with his unstoppable will power and endurance. He is in many ways a role model for both the young and experienced riders. I believe he will return to the peloton with the strength he had before his crash and we are delighted that he wants to be a part of Team Saxo Bank for another year”, says team owner Bjarne Riis on the contract with Jens Voigt.

“I am honored to be offered a contract for another year and I definitely want to proof that I’m back well and alive to do what I still think I can do. Team Saxo Bank is the Barcelona or Real Madrid of the world of cycling and I don’t want to degrade myself to a lower standard. I’m grateful to know that Bjarne still thinks I’m good enough to compete at this level. Another thing is that I like the riders and the staff I’m working with on the team. Here, I’ve seen the young generation with the Schleck-brothers and Matti Breschel developing into world class riders and I’m looking forward to another year of racing with them and the rest of Team Saxo Bank”, says Jens Voigt on the renewal of his contract.

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