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Shimano new XTR All Mountain and XC groupset

Shimano have just released the new XTR groupset with a cross country and all mountain version. The new groupset includes the 10-speed Dyna-Sys drivetrain with triples and double crankset options. Focus is on a rigid lightweight groupset for ‘hard core usage’ with extra braking power. 

From Shimano directly, details on the brake system, mounting system and pedals and wheels:

Shimano is introducing a completely new cooling technology for disc brakes named “Ice-Tec”. Ice-Tec brake pads and rotors significantly reduce heat build-up in the disc brake system. This in turn reduces fading, which assures consistently high braking performance even on long downhill stretches. It also results in longer pad life and substantially quieter braking.

Ice-Tec brake pads have been provided with an aluminum radiator fin with a stainless steel two layer back plate structure. Ice-Tec rotors have an aluminum core sandwiched in stainless steel for improved heat dissipation.

The new XTR offers an integrated mount system for the brake lever and shift lever, named “I-Spec”. With I-Spec, only one clamp band is needed which looks good and saves space on the handlebar besides saving around 10g. Horizontal micro-adjustment is possible for a customized set-up.

Pedals and wheels
Following the “Rider Tuned” concept, XTR will include two types of SPD pedals. One model has been developed for Cross Country usage focusing on a super lightweight design. The other model is targeted to All Mountain riders, with a wider platform for an improved grip. Also many wheel choices will be available for any kind of riding style from XC Racing to All Mountain.

Shimano XTR XC (Cross Country)

Shimano XTR AM (All Mountain)

For complete specs, visit Shimano’s XTR website: www.ridextr.com

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