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Super Record 2011 is speeding up to overtake

The new Campagnolo Super Record groupset weighs less than 1,900 grams and includes components forged using carbon fiber and titanium.

Here are the facts for the new Super Record.

Ergopower controls
The Ergopower controls with the exclusive Campagnolo mechanism allows you to shift up 3 sprockets at a time and down 5 sprockets. The Super Record series Ergopower Ultra-Shift controls, now also available with red or white hoods, is the top gropupset available from Campag.

– Triple hole break lever
– Lighter
– Ultra-shift design
– Greater hand support, safer and easier movement of brake/shift levers in all conditions
– Vari-cushion? hoods: hypoallergenic, stretchy, UV protected material, with variable density
– Greater comfort even after long hours on the bike, more safety
– Double curvature break lever
– Faster brake response in all cycling positions and maximum safety
– Titanium finishing
– Less weight Insert for larger hands
– Safer and more comfort for cyclists with larger hands Ultra-Shift? exclusive mechanism 3-sprocket up shifting and 5-sprocket downshifting in just one stroke Bearing mechanism Longer life – operating precision

Campagnolo Super Record Ergopower

(680 g. standard with BB – 640 g. Titanium option with BB)

The new chainrings have 8 pins to lift the chain and 2 to lower it. Making shifting from one chainring to the other very fast and efficient. CULT bearing technology guarantees a smooth and efficient pedaling action and a long lasting performance. The new chainrin features X.P.S.S meaning eXtreme Perfect Shfiting System.

– X.P.S.S. eXtreme PerformanceShifting System? chainrings
– Precise and fast shifting
– New teeth design Chain shifts easily up and down the rings
– New chainring mount system
– Lighter -easier maintenance
– Lighter bottom bracket Less weight
– Unidirectional carbon fiber Ultra-Hollow? cranks Lighter Titanium axle and fixing bolt (opzional) Lighter

Rear Derailleur
The first rear derailleur with carbon fiber upper and lower body,  supposedly to provide speed, precision, smoothness plus better looks. Lower and upper bodies, outer plate, parallelogram: all carbon-made components.

– Carbon fiber parallelogram, and Exclusive Ultra-Shift? geometry
– Maximum shifting rigidity, fast actuation, precision, friction reduction
– Ultra-Shift? carbon fiber lower and upper parts
– Weight reduction, shifting precision, longer durability Ceramic ball bearings
– Friction reduction, maximum smoothness, maximum durability

Front Derailleur
Thanks to the careful selection of materials and Ultra-Shift geometry the Super Record derailleur is lighter, faster and more precise. With the new chainrings and chain design, the shifting system is much faster and more precise than ever.

– Ultra-shift carbon cage
– Thanks to its graduated curvature, shifting is fast and extremely precise
– Z-Shape? inner cage
– Maximum cage force and rigidity when shifting
– Exclusive M-Brace? Campagnolo? geometry derailleur
– High system rigidity and shifting precision
– Outer anti-friction treatment
– Reduces friction and extends components life

Sprocket Set 177 grams
Campagnolo engineers designed the Super Record sprockets with double frame on the last two sprocket triplets. This results in a more solid and lighter frame, with the  the use of titanium in the 6 larger sprockets. The Ultra-Shift teeth design has been upgraded to make shifting faster, with better synchronization and to eliminate chain stress.

– Ultra-Shift sprockets synchronization
– Sprocket tuning is carefully planned to make shifting faster and more precise
– Reinforced mounts for second and third triplets
– Greater sprocket set rigidity – performance precision
– Ultra-Shift? teeth design
– Optimized upshifting Nickel-Chrome surface treatment
– Reduces chain/sprocket friction – extends sprockets‟ life 6 titanium sprockets Less weight

Chain 239 grams
Super Record groupsets include Record chains. Links and pins have been designed to align to the teeth of chainrings and sprockets to reduce friction.

– Ultra-Link? chain link connecting system High strength chain connection – greater safety and longer chain life
– Ultra-Shift? chain links
– Designed to provide maximum performance to Campagnolo? transmissions: longer life for chainrings and sprockets,maximum efficiency in power transmission.
– Special steel links Prolongs chain life, reduces chainrings and sprocket wear
– Antifriction Ni-PTFE? treatment
– Reduces friction, smooth pedaling, quiet operation and efficiency -prolongs chain life

Brakes 272 grams
The Super Record system provides shorter braking distance and better control of breaking power with a new Skeleton arm design and new brake pads.In its standard version Campagnolo offers the classic front brake Dual Pivot and rear brake Mono Pivot design to provide maximum braking power modulation. But for those looking for the maximum braking power, even at the rear, Campagnolo offers the rear brake Dual Pivot option.

– New lighter shoe holders Lighter New shoe coupling/uncoupling system Safe and fast shoe replacing
– New compound Reduction of braking distance in both dry and wet conditions – longer brake pad and braking track life
– Skeleton? brake arms
– No-bend arms, modularity, reduced wheight Front/rear differentiated braking
– Lighter rear brake – greater braking power modulation
New Dual Pivot front/rear version Enhanced rear braking

Cycling Projects is the Australian distributer for Campagnolo.
Phone: (02) 9799-2407

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