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Taylor Phinney takes out UCI Worlds U23 Time Trial

The Men’s U23 31.8km Time Trial kicks of the 2010 World Road Cycling Championships. Setting out in light rain conditions the course was proving to be difficult with mixed conditions with some sections being wet, others drying and the waterfront section the riders had the sun at their backs.

The weather is going to play a big part in the results, if the roads continued to dry as they are then that will have an effect on the overall outcome.

The riders are leaving in four groups with a 30-32 minute gap between. Pacing will be a important part of the course as riders tackle the climb on the second lap and could lose a lot of time. You can’t just go out into your red zone on this tough course.

Luke Durbridge at the start ramp

Luke Durbridge (AUS) crossed the line with a time of with a time of 42:52.19 taking the lead.

Taylor Phinney (USA) and Alex Dowsett (GBA) go head to head on the course both being powerhouses. Everyone was then looking at Taylor Phinney on the course.

While the weather is still intermittent the roads are drying for the second group which will impact the final times.

Taylor Phinney U23 World Champion 2010 Melbourne
Taylor Phinney looking for the win

As Phinney rolled out of the start the sun was shining for the first time. At the 6.6km mark, Phinney was down to 6th, with a long way to go, Phinney will show why he is the pre race favorite. At the start of his 2nd lap he was second, 17 seconds slower than Durbridge and showing he is in form.

At the 22.4km mark, Phinney is 4 seconds down on Durbridge, showing he’s in form on the closing section of the course. In the last section, Phinney pulled out 10 seconds on Durbridges lead.

Having made up time on Durbridge, Phinney takes the leaders hot seat, his time only 1.90 seconds quicker than Durbridges.

Nelson Oliveira (Portugal) the last rider out on the course is quick and a pre race favorite. Oliveira climbs very well so this course might suit him. At the 6.6km check he’s quick posting the fourth fastest time.

Alex Dowsett has crossed the 6.6km check marginally faster than what Phinney did so it looks like it could be a battle between Dowsett, Phinney and Durbridge.

Whilst cornering Dowsetts hopes have been dashed, at the bottom of the climb to the finish line, his rear tyre has rolled off the rim, a British Mechanic jumped out of the team car and Dowsett changed bikes losing 1:14 minutes on Phinneys time.

Meanwhile Oliveira crossed the checkpoint in fourth fastest position, and needs to make up 20 seconds to take out the U23 title.

Marcel Kittel (Germany) is still out on the course and making good time against Oliveira only being a fraction slower. Kittel is flying in the last section, now 3rd; he could get there and knock out Phinney. Kittel ended up crossing the line with the third fastest time.

Phinneys and Durbridges time are set it’s only to see now if Oliveira can threaten for third.

Although Oliveira really pushed in the final part of the race he couldn’t beat Phinney’s time and dropped to fourth.

Taylor Phinney the 2010 U23 Time Trial World Champion, showing off why he is being called the next big thing.

Australia’s Luke Durbridge gets second, Marcel Kittel takes out third.

2nd Luke Durbridge (Aus), 1st Taylor Phinney (USA), 3rd Marcel Kittel (Ger)

Final results
1. Taylor Phinney (United States Of America) 0:42:50.29
2. Luke Durbridge (Australia) 0:42:52.19
3. Marcel Kittel (Germany) 0:43:14.30
4. Nelson Oliveira (Portugal) 0:43:18.25
5. Rohan Dennis (Australia) 0:43:37.16
6. Matteo Mammini (Italy) 0:43:40.17
7. Tom Dumoulin (Netherlands) 0:43:56.84
8. Jesus Herrada Lopez (Spain) 0:44:08.77
9. Andrei Krasilnikau (Belarus) 0:44:25.91
10. Geoffrey Soupe (France) 0:44:28.50

Photos : Sirotti

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