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Team GreenEdge aim for Tour de France in 2012

The dream of an Aussie ProTeam is alive as Shayne Bannan released his plan at the Tour Down Under to create an Aussie Pro Tour team during 2011 to race next years Tour de France.

“We are working to secure solid foundations in order to create a successful and sustainable team” Mr Bannan said.  

“Before getting to the point of trying to recruit riders, with the seed funding we already have in place, our next task is to pull together all the elements required to make GreenEDGE cycling a racing reality."

In December 2010, Bannan resigned as the Cycling Australia National Performance Director and the Australian Institute of Sport’s Head Cycling Coach and has 25 years working with Australian Cyclists. The strong ties will remain as Bannan sets up GreenEdge cycling with a strong foundation aimed to create a sustainable and successful team.

The UCI application process commences in August 2011 though rider announcements will first come much later. Bannan acknowledges that a team with solely Australian riders is not realistic however suggests up to 75% of the riders could be Australian, and with a majority of the management and staff roles filled by Australians.

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