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BNA Video: RED in motion – 2012 SRAM RED

If you have followed the news and read the reviews since the new top of the line SRAM groupset was launched in February this year, you will already know that it has received very positive attention. You’ll know that the groupset has been tweaked with the (Yaw) front derailleur undergoing the most significant improvement within this groupset.

Rather than share ‘yet another BNA review’, we’ve decided that we would do something different, we would give you something new…

Watch Red in Motion in large size >

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2013 SRAM RED Groupset
The 2012 SRAM RED groupset is also being listed by some retailers as the 2013 SRAM RED.

2013 SRAM RED Joe Dodd

SRAM RED Australia

Cannondale Evo Super Six

Photos © Christophe Spiesser

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