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Eurobike Day 3 Highlights – Fatbikes are Everywhere

Those are the exact words of Alexander Weishaupt who is on the ground at Eurobike for BNA. “Fatbikes are everywhere!”

On Day 3 of Eurobike, he shares more photo highlights from the big bike show. The title image is from the new concept bike from Lightweight called Velocité which is full to the brim with technology. Lets get straight into it, starting with Fatbikes!

Konstructive Berlin Fatbike
Konstructive Cycles Berlin tailor bikes to their riders and presented their new fatbike

Surley Fat Beats Fat Bike
Laying down some fat beats on a Surley fat bike, does it get any better?

Liteville Mountain Bikes Australia
Liteville are a cult brand from the Alps in Southern Germany – also available in Australia

Hollandia Womens Retro Classic Bikes
Vintage doesn’t just have to be ‘classic’, these Hollandia step-over women’s bikes ooze style

Campagnolo Love Record Groupset
Just show me a classic Campagnolo groupset and I will tell you all about passion – but only the derailleur on the right is original. . The one on the left side is a replica made by converting a Tectron derailluer which is an old East German company. The shortage of materials and state owned/controlled companies meant that the quality wasn’t that good – west-imports were not allowed. The one in the middle is the original TECTRON derailleur.

Vittoria Ikon Full Carbon Road Cycling Shoes
Vittoria Ikon Full Carbon racing shoes are very loud (and come in other loud colours as well)

Sebastian Kienle Scott Plasma 4
In the flesh, the Scott Plasma 4 from traithlete Sebastian Kienle which has turned heads (and a few stomachs)

Sebastian Kienle camouflage Helmet
It’s not just about the bike, it’s about the helmet too.

Scott Camouflage Racing Shoes
And it’s about the shoes – they just have to match (Kienle’s cycling kit had the same camouflage as well)

Lightweight Velocite Racing Urgestalt
Lightweight, known for their wheels have been innovative in their super light bike of the future with Rotor power meter, Shimano Di2, Carbon wheels, disc brakes and super super light.

Lightweight Disc Wheel
The new Lightweight Disc Wheels are called SmartWheel and hide a micro sensor inside the wheels to send tire pressure, temperature, speed and more via ANT+

Lightweight Disc Brake Carbon Fiber Wheelset
The Lightweight Smartwheel also alerts of decreasing tire pressure – the wheel takes ‘data’ to a new level.
Day 4 preview:
Martin Renwick Alexander Weishaupt Swiss Side WInd Tunnel
Swiss Side Wind Tunnel with George Cant, Martin Renwick and Alexander Weishaupt for BNA and Jean-Paul Ballard

To co-incide with Eurobike, a few kilometres from the show, Swiss Side hosted wind tunnel testing of their new Hadron Aero Wheelset. The young brand has always been transparent about their technology and leading cycling media across the globe were invited. BNA were represented by Martin Renwick and Alexander Weishaupt and are picture in the wind-tunnel with the company founders, George Cant and Jean-Paul Ballard . The worldwide first review of the Swiss Side Hadrons was on BNA.


Edited, added details on the campagnolo and replica derailluers

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