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Fly6 launch a new light and a new brand – Cycliq

When the revolutionary Fly6 bike light with integrated camera was launched on crowd funding portal KickStarter, it attracted over $260,000 in funding, almost three times the $95,000 goal. After delivering all of the cameras to early adopters across the world, the Western Australian team behind the Fly6 have moved straight onto the next version. It was not the Fly12, a complimentary front light and camera version (as speculated in the Australian Cycling Forums), rather it was, and now is, the next generation Fly6, which has slimmed down and promises improvements. 

On top of the new light announcement, there is more big news: Cycliq is now the brand behind the Fly6 and officially launches to the public today. This suggests future expansion beyond the Fly6, and perhaps the dreams of the cycling community for an integrated front light and camera will soon become a reality.

The new version of Fly6 has been in trials for months and BNA has also taken part in testing prototypes. I’ll only briefly cover the features here, but a complete review is in the works.

Fly6 Comparison
Side-by-side, the new and the original Fly6

Old New Fly6 Comparison

New Fly6 USB Port
Access to the mini USB port and Micro SD card moves to the side


If you are new to this lighting concept, you can read the BNA review of the original light here: Fly6, not an action camera, a safety camera. The obvious change with the new camera is that it loses about 2 centimeters in height, and is now down to 8.5 cm high. Though smaller, it puts on 8 grams and weighs 116 g (excl. clips, straps, etc.)

The Micro SD card slot and USB cable ports are now on the side and sealed with a more elegant cover. The cover is a little trickier to open, however, and conceals a (now smaller) micro USB port and the Micro SD slot.

The Fly6 retains the .avi format, which is better suited to PC’s, and 1280 x 720 (720p) resolution, though it boasts a higher quality camera to provide a richer video quality. The new Fly6 also has brighter rear lights up to 30 Lumens. The following short video demonstrates the light sequence and dimming.


Is it really a better product?
A comprehensive trial of the final production version will be able to answer this question, but until then only preliminary observations can be shared.

If you have the original Fly6, the overall concept and functionality remains the same. For cyclists with low-set seat posts and limited real-estate, it still may be a tight fit.

The clips and mounting remains the same, including the wedge so that it can fit on aero seat tubes. Two extra rubber straps are included for good measure. The buttons to turn the camera on and switch the light mode are nicer with clear tactile feedback and, overall, the light has been constructed well.

Fly6 CEO, Andrew Hagen explained that the video camera field of view has been reduced from 120 degrees to 100 degrees while the camera quality improved for better legibility of number plates, particularly towards the edges.

Unpacking Fly6 Contents

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The new Fly6 is priced at $275 (AUD) plus $15 shipping. Cycliq have announced an Australian distributer, Jet Black, who will ensure that the FLy6 is available from local bike shops. It will be available soon in-store at RRP $275. Further information and specifications are online: www.cycliq.com

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