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Hutchinson Road and MTB Tire Technology

Press Release: The Intensive long-wear road racing and training tire is now available in a Road Tubeless version, while the fast- rolling Cobra mountain bike cross-country tire is now available in a Tubeless- Ready version with racy Red sidewalls.

Paris-Roubaix Tested, Now Available the Intensive 25mm Hutchinson’s second tire in the Road Tubeless category, the Intensive, is designed for serious training, long-wear, and urban riding conditions. While a larger version was just tested in the rigors of the Paris-Roubaix cobbled classic last week, a 25mm version is now available to the public.

"The expansion of Road Tubeless offerings is super- important to our market," says Dana Carson, Managing Director of Hutchinson USA. "This Intensive gives the serious rider an option to save his Fusion 2 Road Tubeless tires for the races, while training on the Intensives. It’s also great for the urban cyclist who needs a tire to brave the elements and last a long time."

The Intensive features a thermoplastic-reinforced compound that improves wear without decreasing grip, and Hardskin sidewall technology to increase resistance to perforations and cuts.

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