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Review: Rainlegs

Rainlegs have been manufactured from a nylon type fabric, although they are claimed to be water proof this is not the case. The legs are water proof, but not rain proof. Any substantial amount of rain will seep straight through and your legs will get wet. But for the purpose of commuting through a light shower or wet conditions they worked perfectly keeping the legs dry.

Rainlegs also acts like a wind breaker vest, but for your legs, you can ride in wet and mildly cold conditions without having to wear leg warmers. For our Winter temperatures in Tassie, leg warmers are a must!

The leg protectors are open on the back of the legs having the added advantage that no condensation will form as with normal over-trousers. Because they are open at the back of the legs, they are designed so that if it’s not wet you call them up and secure with the Velcro fasteners around your waits like a belt. When it’s wet you can roll them down. Although you may be inclined just to take them off and stuff them into a jersey pocket.

The manufacturer suggests the Rainlegs would be ideal for commuters who wear their work clothes whilst riding. However you might find that the inside crotch area of the Rainlegs get caught on the nose of the saddle whilst riding or mounting and dismounting your bike. But after a short time you get used to positioning the inner leg so they don’t.

Rainlegs are a good idea and do protect your legs from the wind and wet conditions, but they aren’t completely waterproof. If you’re looking to be completely dry then look at waterproof trousers. I hope that we may see another design of the Rainlegs with a more waterproof fabric. But if you’re looking for quick alternative for commuting then you may want to give Rainlegs a try.

+ Good for commuting
+ Reflective strips for visibility
+ Easy to use and store whilst riding
+ Don’t get condensation behind the knees.

– Not 100% waterproof
– Awkward around the crotch, getting caught on the saddle

While there is no distributer for Rainlegs in Australia, Australian customers who order from the UK are offered same shipping price (as for a local order inside the UK).

Rainlegs are available from www.rainlegs.com

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